Glitter Grief

I went to a roller disco last night which is as hilarious and as fun as it sounds. To prepare, my friend and I coated ourselves with body paint, glitter and knee high socks and headed out the door.

It was only once home and removing the glitter did it actually cross my mind: this stuff is probably all plastic and you’ve totally ruined another day of low to zero plastic by doing this.

So I googled it this morning and I was right. Not only is it made of plastic, due to its size it also never goes away and ends up in the tummies of fish, much like those beads in facial cleansers

Glitter seems so innocuous, so fun and associated with silliness and parties. I wear it at music festivals and parties. Dress ups and play.

Saying no to plastic means saying no to glitter. I can already hear how weird this sounds to others since glitter is so meaningless, I feel like a wowser and a downer. No Fun Fiona ruining something else… But now I’m thinking about it and my glitter moments will be here forever and never go away… It just seems like I can’t do it anymore.

I’ll give away my glitter supplies to friends at an upcoming music festival – if the glitter is already here it should be enjoyed by those around me. I won’t partake, I’ll just request the containers back when they’re done so I can make my own make up products in them when they’re empty.

Sigh. Sometimes this feels weird and hard.


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