First decision to make – razors

So my friends would consider me a feminist. I consider myself an ardent one at that. Late last year I stopped shaving my underarms for a number of reasons and have found it incredibly empowering with the added benefits of no longer having a constant an incessant rash irritating me and also useful for grossing out old boring men on public transport, but I still shave my legs. I hate the feel of the prickle on my leg and it’s only been since Thursday (now Monday) since I last shaved, but it’s driving me nuts with irritation. I also have very dark leg hair and shaving makes me feel more comfortable in myself. I’ve come a long way with not shaving my arm pits, but not shaving my legs is not for me. Or at least not yet.

Like most women and men I know I use disposable razors. I would go through at least 12 a year (one a month is generous I guess) and they all end up in landfill. They are not recyclable. I previously used to buy the ones with replaceable heads (still plastic) and then change them out, but found the blades were more expensive than just the standard BIC style razor – especially since the body of the razor would often break regardless of replaceable heads. So then I was buying both products repeatedly per year. Shithouse. More waste in landfill and more stupid plastic bought.

So I have 3 options: wax, shave, or get the hair removed via laser processes. Laser is waaay out of my price range so that leaves me with wax and shave. Wax is less pricey, but I can’t do it myself and don’t wish to spend upwards of $50 per month on hair removal if I can save that instead. So that leaves me with old style razors like my Grandpa used to use.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading at Wicked Edge on reddit. They provide FAQs and many ideas for finding a razor and plan that will work for you. They also provide hints and tips for women – which considering we have a lot more area to shave with tricky angles seems wise to me.

The best part? The blades can be recycled! You just store them in a safe little container until you fill it (based on the size of the blades potentially filling it would take a year or more) and then you can drop it off! Easy! Whilst it’s not zero waste, it’s a significant improvement and one that’s easy to maintain and not too much of a change from my current lifestyle.

I’m going to invest in some products soon from the suggested kit from wicked edge and then I’ll report back with my findings and how I’ve found the process.