Unexpected side effect?

So today my boss comes up to me and says that my skin is looking really nice – glowing and lovely. I’m taken aback, but happy to hear that from her. My skin never really outgrew its awkward teen phase and I still get regular bumps even now when I’m in my 30’s.

I haven’t started the food phase of my plan yet, although I do usually eat my regular servings of fruit & veg per day – I love a good government regulation to base my life choices on.

I keep thinking about what it could be… Then it hits me… the coca cola. It’s been more than a week since I stopped. I’ve had a minor hormonal breakout on my chin (regular for when I am in my cycle), but nothing more.

I stopped drinking coca cola and it looks like my skin is clearing up. Holy shit. I also reckon if I keep going I’m saving between $30-$35 per week which is fucking appalling to contemplate actually. Thats $1820 per year on fucking coca cola: I am disgust.

Doctors have also recommended I cut down (or cut out completely) gluten and bread products due to my food allergies… Now I’m thinking about what could happen if I did that? Bread is somewhat in the works since I currently buy helgas pumpkin loaf and it’s wrapped in plastic – so I will have to sort that out in the near future.

So the first stage of my plastic project has me theoretically saving $1800 per year and my skin has cleared up. This might be alright.