When to buy vs when not to buy

So the whole point of this year is to not necessarily not buy anything ever,  but to consciously think about and decide what I need in my life. What don’t I need. What is extraneous and what is holding me back from succeeding and meeting my goals.

Besides 1 plastic beer cup and 2 plastic water bottles (one of them I had to have at the blood bank) I actually have not bought more drinks that come in disposable containers in a week. I’m down from 1-2 per day. I’m a week off coca cola and feeling ok – like I’ve kicked the worst of it by now. 1 beer, 1 sports drink, 1 water. Otherwise it’s just been tea and water and drinking up my supply of soda water – my Mum bought some at Christmas and I’ve still been going on it.

And now I’m thinking about alternatives to plastic and how to keep my lifestyle. I was thinking about floss with a friend and she suggested buying a water pick. After doing some research, I can’t seem to find anything that categorically states that water picks are better for your health over floss. An alternative to floss might simply be cotton string (once I run out of my current floss supplies). Once I use it I can simply place it in my compost.

I also want to buy more containers for my nutribullet. I like food prep and to work out all the ingredients for 5 smoothies in a row and then blast them each morning would be a huge time saver and would avoid me being lazy, buuuuuut then more plastic. I do bloody love my nutribullet though. It is such a great device and you can continue to get parts on older models which is nice too. So do I buy them, or leave it? I can’t buy glass containers for it (I checked) so now I’m not sure what to do to fix the issue… Hmmmm