Attitude shifting to zero waste

So whilst I have always been anti-littering, I’m noticing some things that I’ve never seen before. That is, how exceptionally wasteful our society is. I mean, I always had an idea, but I’m suddenly appalled and not just at others: at myself and my own laziness too.

I remember last year joking with friends about getting 2 donuts uber eats delivered to my flat: I said I felt like Caesar and there was nothing beyond my reach. How appalling is my gluttony?

But now I’ve stopped buying take away food. I make all my meals that I take to work, only tap water or wine if I eat out  (which is admittedly pretty rare) I suddenly see all. this. mess.

The cigarette butts littering the construction site next to my work, the masses of uber eats bags from the 5 people at work that got it delivered to the office today, the fact that I drink tea usually from tea bags and not loose leaf (just for convenience mostly, not for anything else).

I’m not saying I’m perfect by any stretch, I’m just saying that now I can see where I create rubbish where none is needed to be created. And that is gross, but also easily fixed.

Awareness is the first step.