Consumable products – bathroom

These are 2 products I’ve bought today flouting my ‘no buy new’ rule. I’ll be running out of conditioner for my hair and other hair products soon and so I’m preparing for that in advance. Consumables aren’t really counted in my no buy plans, so I don’t mind as it’s continuing to change my habits away from petro chemicals and plastics.

This hair balm is to use on the ends and to control fly aways and the container has no plastic so I can reuse when it’s empty for other products. It also smells absolutely divine and am planning on giving my hair and good brush and applying some through the ends as soon as I finish writing this!

The Agave wash cloth can be used in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry and I know people that use it in all of those places and have a different cloth for each room. When you’re finished with it you just pop it in your compost bin. I’ll be wrapping my soap around it and using it in the shower to see how I go and then from there possibly getting one for in the kitchen too. I bought it for $11, so a bit pricey, but I love that I can compost when it’s life is done.

I have one of those shower puffs at the moment, but it’s made of nylon. Once that dies, I’ll replace it with the agave cloth. Again, I’ve already bought it, so I may as well use it until it doesn’t work anymore.

I bought both from perfect potion on Brunswick St, which smells delicious and sells lots of essential oils and things. I’ll probably be going in there in a couple of weeks to buy oils for tooth powders and tooth paste recipes that I’m going to make. I’ve found a couple that have been approved by dentists, so I’ll give it a bash!