So this is a weird topic, but I found myself thinking about pens this morning. Seems niche, but I realised I’ve never used up a whole pen: and then when you use it up, there’s still left over plastic.

I’ve never really thought about pens before. Where they come from, where they go, why are they so disposable?

I got given 2 pens for christmas – just the standard uniball needle fine point kind of pen. Nothing too fancy and loads of plastic. But I decided to make a committed effort to not buying any new pens until I use up these 2.

It’s weird to suddenly be so conscious of pens when I never have been before. Suddenly fountain pens are looking super interesting to me.

Something like this or even the real old fashion types are looking like something I might invest in eventually. Once I use up my current ones and any others that may be floating round the house.

Why buy new cheap plastic pens constantly when I could have 1 pen that I treat with respect, look after and keep for a long time? Why did pens become a disposable crappy item when writing and ink were such privileges for so long?

I bet after the initial investment it works out cheaper too.


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