Start today

So today I made a concerted effort to bring in my loose leaf tea to work. A coworker has a couple of tea pots in the office and said she was happy for me to use them and to leave my tea in her desk (next to the kettle so I don’t have to carry stuff upstairs with me).

I used the T2 tea French Earl Grey which comes in a tin of loose leaf… But the problem? When I bought the tea to ensure ‘freshness’ it was wrapped in plastic inside the tin. I bought this tea last year (well over 6 months ago tbh) and I can’t taste any difference since it’s been open so long.

Clearly this is super frustrating as I would love to just refill my specific earl grey tin with their tea, but I can’t (especially since I would like it to match the label on the tin!). So once I finish it I will be stocking up at my local bulk bin place with their tea instead.

So I still am using up the last of my tea bags, but I decided to start today anyway. Building the habits takes time, so I’m hoping this will help ease the process.

P.S. It’s bloody hot in Melbourne. Probs too hot for tea tbh.