What next?

So I mentioned a while back that I read The Rogue Ginger quite a bit. I’m treading a path she (and many others online) have already broken in. I’m currently at a weird point as I’ve almost done all the first step suggestions made by people online.

  1. Take away coffee: well I don’t drink it and if I get a tea out, I take my cup with me or drink in house. From now on, I’ll only order tea if it’s loose leaf due to the plastic in teabags and I’ll make sure to ask first. Generally, I don’t order tea out as I find it quite expensive for something that is so cheap to buy.
  2. Saying no to straws: I have a metal straw, but I don’t tend to use it because I don’t care or don’t really need it. It’s a rare situation when I feel the need, so I no longer get straws out and always ask for drinks without them in bars
  3. food packaging: Pretty much down to nothing here too. Besides cheese, bread and a few other things, I’m done with that.
  4. Take my own bag: I always do this and have done so for the last 5 years or so
  5. No bottled water: I have a number of refillable water bottles: one at work, one at home and a spare that tends to sit in my car for car rides. I no longer buy bottled water or soft drink and seem to be well on way for kicking my coca cola habit

So besides the food packaging I’m well on the way to being done with no more plastic being in my life. It’s the next part that’s less clear and more vague about what to do and where to travel with it.

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in everything – the horror I felt when I read about the teabags was intense, but now I have to begin to work out my own way to do things. As things begin to run out, I’ll find another way to replace them or change them. The main guide points I’m already done with, so now we’re entering the big leagues – especially when I finish the food waste segment…


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