Marry me at McIvers Tea

Yeahhhh this place is basically heaven. Went into the Brunswick shop and it’s the cutest little tea house. They have spice shakers full of their blends so you can have a sniff and lots of nice trinkets to look at. Plus, they have coffee too and you can buy a piece of cake and have a sit and enjoy in the space. It was really lovely.

The tea blends themselves all smelt really interesting. I couldn’t find a green tea to my liking (I like blends with lemon or rose in them), but I did find a great black tea called Bushfire Lemon Myrtle. Australian Lemon Myrtle is sweeter and softer than straight lemon and this doesn’t smell over powering at all. A wonderful blend and delicious to boot.

The best part? They filled up my tin for me that I brought in and it cost $7. I’d spend loads more on tea bags or buying loose leaf at T2. Bloody awesome value.

Again – not paid to support them. Just really psyched at how well this plastic free tea transfer is going.



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