Tooth care – toothbrush edition

I am tooth paranoid. The only time I saw my vietnam veteran father cry in my childhood was after visiting the dentist. He had been hit in the face with shrapnel and it messed up loads of his teeth, but before that he also had terrible teeth and loads of fillings.

I can remember him pacing the backyard, smoking and weeping while on pain meds while the dentist would call at 9pm on a Saturday night just to check in and see how he was going.

I was petrified of the dentist and I still am.

I’m turning 32 in less than 2 months and I’ve never had a filling. I’ve had my wisdom teeth out, but that’s it. I’m pretty meticulous with them and dealing with tooth paste and floss are 2 of the things really stressing me out the most about this challenge. ‘You only floss the teeth you want to keep’ is an anxiety thought process that goes around and around in my head if I get into bed without having done it. I clean my teeth 2 to 3 times a day and floss at least 5 times a week before bed.

A little while ago I purchased a bamboo toothbrush from Friends of the Earth to try it out. I found it easy to use, and it did the job. I liked the brand and while there’s still no good plastic free bristles, they’ve done the best they can and it’s better than a whole toothbrush made of plastic.

I just ordered a box of 12 off their website for $36 which is also cheaper than what I would spend on tooth brushes anyway. I simply use and then when I’m done, I pull out the bristles, place those in my rubbish and place the handle in my compost pile (which I’m pulling the lid off of tomorrow morning to investigate eeek!).

Here is where I bought the toothbrushes. I am not paid to advertise them FYI – I just like their product.

Again, my choices to try and go plastic free are not about living in a hut in the wilderness. It’s about trying to find a way that works with my lifestyle. This product isn’t plastic free, it’s sensibly plastic reduced and I think it’s an easy way to make some changes that don’t involve totally changing your life.


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