But what about…

In the 6 weeks or so that I’ve been talking about zero waste, no buy new and no plastics those 3 words are the most common thing I’ve heard. And my answer is usually (in my broad aussie accent) “I dunno”.

I drive a car, own more than 1 bicycle and have an 18 month old Iphone. I’m not a monk. Chances are the thing that you’re asking me about I don’t have a solution to yet. I may never have a solution to it and you have your gotcha moment.

I don’t mind people being inquisitive as that’s a normal part of life, but the specific questions about specific items feels like people trying to catch me out. How am I going to fail, not realising that there is no perfect moment and it’s all just reduction and will never be everything perfectly sorted out. I’m not doing this to be the best at anything, I just want to see if I can. Where are my limits? What can I learn?

‘You do you’ is what my partner always tells me. You do you, Fi. So I’ll do me and you can ask questions, but lets all just be chill about it.


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