Update on T2

So I emailed T2 yesterday and received a response today! Which is a great turn around, but the news itself wasn’t so great. See below:

Hi Fiona

Thanks for your email. Unfortunately we don’t currently have any bulk buying options, or options for purchasing our tea without plastic. We are always making room for new and exciting products for our tea-lovers, so we will be sure to pass your feedback onto our product team!

Happy Sipping!

So it’s a bummer and I won’t be buying anymore tea from them, but hopefully this start to create some social change and something for their product team to think about. If you also wish to email them and ask about bulk buying/plastic free options please email: Experience@t2tea.com

Man I am going to miss their rose green tea and french earl grey – beautiful blends. Guess I’ll just have to work out how to make it on my own…

Additional Update: 

So since posting this I have discovered that T2 was bought out by Unilever. One of the main reasons I used to shop there was because I liked their independence from mainstream shops and were Melbourne/Australian based. Now they are owned by a large multinational I will now direct my buying power towards local and independent shops instead of members of Unilever.




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