Update for tea drinking in general

Ok, so I know that this is sounding a little mental now, but, like, I drink a lot of tea. Honestly it’s my most used vice and especially now I’ve given up soft drink  I am vice free IT’S ALL I HAVE OK?!?!


So I know Friends of the Earth stocks tea, but I was never super into their blends. Not bad, just my back up at the moment. And then, due to the power of the internet (Zero Waste Melbourne group on FB) someone recommended a tea and coffee shop that does bulk buying! If they’re a specific tea shop their blends must be bloody great.

McIvers Tea & Coffee Merchants

Here’s a copy of the email they sent me after I asked if I could bring my own container:

Hi Fiona,

Good for you.  Yes you can do that.  In fact we would love you to.   However you can only get tea in bulk in the Brunswick shop.  There is not enough room at the market for 72 different tubs of tea.  I will be interested to see how you go.  Once you start to evaluate how much plastic you use it is quite overwhelming. 
You can get coffee too if you want. 
Hi Cathy,

Thanks so much for the speedy response. Just so you know, I’m on a zero waste Melbourne group on FB and I’ve shared your response there to encourage people to shop with you.
The group has 800 or so members, so hopefully it is encouraging people to come in – the blends on your website are fab! Can’t wait!

I’ll hopefully be done with my work before you close tomorrow afternoon to do some shopping!

Thanks again for your help and support


Oh, that’s great Fiona.  The subject of discussion at the market shop this week has been how to get more customers to re-use our ridiculously sturdy bags, or bring their own. As inspiration, we have customers who write the date on their bags.  We have a couple still going from 2010.  And we have a customer who has only ever used one detergent bottle.  She has been refilling for 25 years.   If I forget to bring a bottle to fill I just fine a discarded water bottle and rinse and fill that with whatever cleaning product I need.  

This is bloody great news and is basically my first food based success with this challenge.
So I’ll be going in there tomorrow to try some blends and hopefully have some posi feedback to write down.
I know I write this blog like I have an audience, but really it’s for me internally to track how much work and brain power goes into all of these choices. Food still feels quite overwhelming to me – especially based on how much cheese and bread I eat – so to have a quite simple win for an everyday item is quite important. Plus, I want to look back on all this work and reflect on how far I’ve come.
Supportive staff make things so much better and I can’t wait to try their products now!

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