Councils make stuff hard

So I do have compost bins, but I’m not a gardener. I don’t like gardening, I don’t have time and it’s just not my hobby, but I do have a large compost bin at my house. I don’t use it though (it’s mostly full and also most full of soil and spiders last I checked…), but what I wish I could do was use my local Council’s green waste bin.

I’m allowed to put sticks in it, grass clippings, but no food. With food it’s a picture of a pizza and not, you know, old lettuce or potato peelings. No one has gotten back to me about it, but it’s frustrating. If I could use my Council green waste service that would be so much easier than anything else.

Instead, they encourage us to keep lawns which basically cause environmental degradation anyway since they’re unnaturally green (especially in Australia). I can put lawn clippings in the bin, but not food scraps. What is this nonsense?

This stuff is dumb. I guess if I want to go zero waste I’m going to start making my own compost and giving it to gardening friends?


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