You don’t need to buy the thing

I went roller skating this morning. I’ve got a friend who does roller derby and she wanted a practice, so myself, her partner and her headed down to the roller rink to hear some quality 90’s pop music.

As a derby player, she owns all the things you need: pads, guards, skates – the works! Me? I’ve been skating about 4 times in my life. My folks didn’t have the money for it when I was little and so I never really got into it.

Once we got there I hired out some skates and some wrist guards. It cost $22. We were there for over 3 hours. I’m not sure what it would’ve cost without the hiring, but for me that’s not prohibitively expensive. But $400 skates are to me right now.

But I still had a moment as I looked at all her cool gear (you could tell she meant business and she’d be good!), that I wished I owned cool stuff like her. That I had all the cool bits that meant this was my hobby.

But then the skates fitted me well, so did the wrist guards and I had a solid 3 hours. I was pretty shit, but it was fun! I don’t need the skates, I don’t need the guards: they have them there. I don’t need to buy them, I just need to hire.

Hiring is fine and it does the job. I need to remind myself of that. Envy will get you nowhere and hold you back from experiencing new things.

The goal of this year is to experience new things, not buy them.


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