Thoughts on goal setting workshop

So I attended a goal setting workshop today and I just wanted to write some thoughts down before I forgot them. Goal setting is something that interests me, so I was interested in how this particular program made suggestions. It was aimed towards activists (however you choose to define yourself is fine) and I guess based on my work with SYN, RRR, PBS and my general approaches and world view I am an activist.

And being hippies, they had a different (although still constructive) way to approach things.

They made suggestions based around a book The desire map by Danielle LaPorte and isn’t there some interesting reviews on Goodreads yikes! Since I’m clearly not going to pay $170 for it (yikes!) the suggestion they made were really simple. Basically, think about how you want to feel. Make a list of words of how you want to feel. Here’s mine:

Happy, empathetic, compassionate, kind, connected to community, secure, loved, supported, nurtured.

But… They can’t be reliant on others – how you feel needs to come from within, not external. So then I made some changes (continuing on from above:

love, support, nurture, creative, reliable, supportive, strong, energetic, content, learning, gentle, calm, happy.

For all my pisstaking of hippies, that’s a pretty hippie sounding list. After you make your list pick the ones that really matter to you.

Energetic, Connected to community, kind, learning. Those are mine.

So, you have how you want to feel. Then you break that down into actionable items. Take Energetic for example – here’s my 4 different goals I set towards that:

  1. Go to bed x5 nights per week at 10pm (this is lights out, no devices). I can’t be energetic with my partner, my friends, my work etc without good sleep hygiene.
  2. Have a smoothie and soup every day. I worked it out and these 2 items basically give me my daily total of fruits and vegetables per day. I make them by scratch and freeze the soups and make the smoothie every day. The coconut yogurt in the smoothie also gives me a good gut bacteria boost too
  3. Go to footy training. Playing in the Community Cup is a big goal of mine. I’ve dreamt of it for years. If I go to weekly footy training I’m getting some exercise (which is also good for energy) along with a boost of endorphins and I feel connected to my community
  4. Go on a monthly bushwalk. This is also exercise energy based and spending time in nature calms me and makes me feel grounded and more centred. I can’t actually articulate it, but it has some sort of healing shit that works for me.

So that’s my actionable goal item list. I also have how I plan to succeed in those goals, what could prevent success, extra resources and why this goal is important. It’s a good little worksheet.

Some things that help you set goals:

  1. Have a launch time to set things up (I guess that would be this blog…)
  2. Be kind to yourself – change takes practice
  3. Be ok with failure – you just reassess
  4. Don’t forget to make space for your goals. All time has to come from somewhere. What will you have to give up/alter/do without in order to achieve that goal
  5. Clearly defined decision
  6. Public declaration (hello again, semi public blog)
  7. Support group
  8. Take baby steps
  9. Track your progress
  10. Make them time based (ie. instead of I’m going to get fit, say I’m going to run the marathon in September)
  11. Awareness of barriers you may face

Make sure that your goals come from a place of self-care, not self criticism. And that brings in outcome vs. action goals. Outcomes (I’m going to lose 10kg) are often rooted in shame. While Action (I’m going to eat my daily serve of vegetables each day) is often more positive and will eventually have the same result.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any path will take you there.

Block out your time and plan your days. Block out time for you, time to share with your partner, friends, study, work, exercise. You may not do everything every day, but plan to. Plan your week, make sure it’s balanced.

My own well being is heavily impacted by societal factors like government policies and other current events. I wish to be calm,  but also part of a social uprising that makes the world change due to the global warming occurring. I want to get somewhere, but I still want to feel good about myself. This would tie in heavily to that book I read recently,  do what you love and other lies about success as I found that as long as I was aware of what was happening, I felt ok with it.

It was a really interesting workshop and it’s given me a lot to think about. I really think I’ll factor it in when continuing through my year and I’ll definitely ruminate on it more in the next few days and maybe write more about it.




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