Continuing posi vibes

So the last few days I’ve spoken with friends about bushwalking. I’m pretty self conscious about my fitness level at the moment, plus with asthma I tend to avoid group activities like bushwalking or even sport stuff.

Every friend I’ve spoken to has said yes to the idea, last night I spoke with my partner about how excited I was, but I was still saving up for hiking boots and he pointed out “that I didn’t need hiking boots to walk” and so I went ‘fuck it’ and I sent around a group email inviting friends. I just sent it around to 6 people, and 4 have already confirmed the day that I suggested and the location. 1 even commented that they’d been wanting to go to this place and it was something to tick off their list now. I then sent out a google calendar invite for people so it would be saved in their diaries.

This has been a good lesson to me. In my 30’s I’ve got good friends. If I make a plan with enough notice people can attend. 5 are going in my car and the other 2 will drive up from the Peninsula so that’s ok too – minimum of possible cars to get there. I sent a plan and people responded. Vague ideas are harder. If I had’ve said ‘hey what about this idea, maybe we should do this’ I don’t think it would’ve worked as well. I hope everyone has fun and that now we all know each others emails someone will make a suggestion for another place to attend in the future.

One of my goals this year was to spend more meaningful time with friends. I’m trying to arrange at least one thing a month – I’ve got 3 things in Feb organised. I’ll be unable to sustain that once uni goes back, but it’s good to stoke the fires of friendship when the time allows.

One of my other goals was to see more of the bush around Melbourne. So ticking that one off too!




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