Working on the RRRR’s





Refuse is a new addition to this – I grew up without it and now it’s a regular part of environmental activism: refuse to bring the stuff into your life in the first place. But I’m already struggling with it and I didn’t realise how much of a mentality I would have to change for it.

Or how much I would have to change my attitude to things. Here’s some examples from this week.

I went to the circus on Wednesday night and managed to refuse all plastic. I had my keep cup (reuseable plastic, I know I know) and was able to fill that with water to drink during the show.

But then. On Thursday night I went to Bruce Springsteen. Which was fucking amazing for a multitude of reasons, but also sucked for a few thousand more. Mainly, the shitloads of plastic that was left at the site after the show. As I queued to exit I looked around and saw the ground absolutely covered with plastic beer cups and trays just abandoned to be chucked away.

And here’s the thing:

My friend asked me if I wanted a beer and I said “sure!” and only after it was in my hands did I have a moment of “awww fuck, I already messed this up!”. Then later on a friend got me a bottle of water again due to me saying sure without thinking it through. Bruce Springsteen did drink part of my beer on stage, so that was amazing and the only drink I had, but still I had the plastic in the first place which I was disappointed about.

Today I gave blood and at the snack table I got cheese and crackers. I felt faint so they gave me a sports drink (another plastic container) and the cheese and crackers were individually wrapped in plastic. They also wouldn’t let me leave without eating due to feeling faint, so I had to have something. That was the only option I could have as I was allergic to the fruit that was on offer.

After that I had to pick something up from the frame shop and they’d wrapped glad wrap around it to keep the cardboard edge protectors on safe for it. So that was another gah! moment too.

Whilst beating myself up about these things will not be helpful, I want to write these incidents down so I can remember them. I want them to be listed here so that one day when I’m really good at this, I can reflect on how far I’ve come.

Today I’m in the awareness stage. Tomorrow I might be in the practicing stage. Anyway, I’m at day 5 of no coca cola and I must almost be through the worst of that stage.




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