Bathroom needs – a burgeoning list

Ok, so I need to keep track of all the things that once I run out of I will need to find unpackaged or home-made versions of or potentially stop buying. Actually, it’s just a list of the things I use in the bathroom – not using some of these things seems insane

  1. Shampoo
  2. Conditioner
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Foundation
  5. Blush
  6. Eyeliner
  7. Mascara
  8. Nail polish
  9. Lipstick/lipgloss etc
  10. Deodorant
  11. Face wash
  12. Acne treatments
  13. toothpaste
  14. sunblock
  15. dental floss
  16. toothbrush
  17. hair ties
  18. hair combs
  19. bobby pins
  20. hair brush
  21. Make up removal wipes

I already buy my soap in a cardboard box from the eco store (this is my fav!), but changing face wash, moisturizer and everything else seems daunting. Not wearing sunblock is insane, but how do you find an ethically packaged version? Can I buy it in bulk? There’s a hole in the ozone layer – all the make up I buy has sunblock in it. Argh!

Also – is it reasonable to change everything? If bicarb soda was great at cleaning teeth wouldn’t society still be using it? I’m 31 and never had a filling – surely that means that my methods of teeth cleaning and flossing works well – why change if it works? What could I change to?

The shampoo I use is for dandruff control. Literally just head and shoulders. What will happen to that if I stop using it – will I become one giant piece of dandruff?

Transitioning my life involves thinking about things I just take for granted. I’ve never considered not buying a plastic hair brush – I need a new one and am looking at bamboo at the moment. I wear a liquid foundation along with a pressed powder with a blush over the top – how will I source those products and will I just instead have to give them up?

All questions I plan on answering. At the moment they’re feeling insurmountable. But if I break them down it’ll become easier to sort out and make progress.




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