Walking the walk

I like to talk the talk. I talk about the environment, the planet, things we as a society and as a people need to change. I once worked for the Australian Conservation Foundation! Buuuuuut what am I doing in my personal life that reflects my beliefs? Can I articulate those beliefs? How can I change my life to follow them more?

I read a lot of self help style books, I buy even more planners: this one will be the one I’ll stick to! But have I ever consciously sat down and decided how I want to live and how I am going to achieve those goals? Big ole donuts there.

I’m writing this mainly for myself – to get these thoughts down and to help me plan, but I am making it public. Perhaps someone will stumble across this and it’ll help them too. I have read loads of blogs and websites and every person feels so accomplished since I’m finding them near the end of their journey. This is me, in a tizz at the beginning, making an effort.




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