Razors – post 2

So after doing further reading on Wicked Edge on Reddit, I decided to bite the bullet and invest in a kit. To be honest, I’ve only got another couple of weeks left in my current razor and with shipping I’m hoping it’ll all match up time wise. Since it’s my last razor I’ve got in the house, it was time to make a decision.

I’m going to discuss brands and things now – I am not paid to do so. I follow advice on places like Reddit pretty closely and when enough people back up a product I consider it ok to dive in and give it a go.

Maggard Razors are pretty highly regarded. They have a wide range of options and also help you out by providing DIY kits to build. Pick your razor, pick your brush, soap etc. I’m going to go through my decisions below:

I bought the Edwin Jagger Razor in pearl blue. All the feedback on reddit was super positive, it seems like the handle is a decent length and it’s also pretty. Clearly not integral to the shopping process, but something still to factor in.

Brushes were harder. I got the 10049 in Red. The bristles looked sturdy, well rounded and were not acrylic, but still vegetarian as I believe boar hair is farmed without killing the boar. It was also important to not buy another plastic item, but instead something that would biodegrade.

I picked the La Poire Francaise soap as it had a humectant to prevent my skin drying out which is a problem I have anyway – shaving or not. The container is plastic, but I believe as I become more skilled in finding products I’ll be able to find a product to refill into the container or make my own to store in it.

I also bought a styptic pencil as I reckon there’s good odds I may cut myself the first few times I do this. Best be prepared for that in advance.

I bought a mixed pack of razors as they seem to be entirely dependent on individual preference. Some people rave about a particular brand, others can’t get them to work and switch to something else. Best to try as many as possible, find the one that works best and then give the others away on a group like Rough Trade Melbourne or something.

Including shipping to Australia it all cost $78.83. That’s about a years worth of disposable razors probably, but hopefully the handle will be one thing I’ll only buy once in my life and the razors come in packs of 100 for about $10. Give me some time and I’ll be ahead financially me thinks!


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